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Finding the right pet sitter for your emotional support animal is like finding a needle in the hay. We know that as a responsible ESA owner, you do not like the idea of leaving your animal behind but sometimes, other responsibilities supersede this. This is where a pet sitter comes in.

The very first responsibility of an ESA owner is to get a real ESA letter. It is your ticket to live and travel with your animal for free but to make sure that you get the real thing, check an online ESA letter  before closing the deal.

After you get the letter and need to go somewhere, you will have to find a good and reliable pet sitter. Getting a sitter is better than leaving your animal alone at home and we do not really suggest it.

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How to find the right pet sitter? Follow the steps listed below and find a pet sitter today.

  1. Locate the Pet Sitter through Different Methods

When you start your search for the right pet sitter you will need to use different modes for it. The simplest of the ways is to ask around like your close friends and neighbors and give the advertisement on online job posting portals, like Craigslist. Post the advertisement in the local newspaper and do a search through social media.

In time, you will find some good candidates for the job.

  1. Check and Review the Training and License of the Candidate

Though the job is not as regulated as many others, some companies do give licenses to pet sitters and dog walkers. As a general rule of thumb, check if the person has basic first aid training for both animals and humans.

Ask and see if they are teh members of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters Internation.

These organizations give specialized training and license to their members. Besides, also ask for and verify the references given by the person. Always remember to check some esa letter online before applying for an esa letter.

  1. Explain and Specify your Needs Properly

Hiring the right person is directly proportional to specifying your needs properly. Instead of just posting an advertisement about a pet sitter, specify and list down all your needs.

These could include the days and time when you will need the service, the duration of their stay and all the activities that you would like to be taken care of.

  1. Ask about Additional Services

Some pet sitters and walkers offer additional services. These services include bathing the dog, complete grooming services and some other off teh record services like watering your plants and running small errands.

Sometimes, a little help is all you need and by getting these details, you can decide if the person is right for your household.

  1. See if they work with a Veterinarian

Some pet sitters and dog walkers work with licensed veterinarians, which means that they may be good at offering some other useful benefits. If a person has contact with a veterinarian then it means that he is well equipped at handling medical emergencies in your presence.

If yes then ask for the contact details of the vet for verification. However, Dont forget to get an Emotional support animal letter, So that you can take your pet anywhere you want without any ptoblem.

  1. Ask about their Backup Plans

Does the person have a functional backup plan? When dealing with animals you need a plan B, and a plan C also. This means that your animal will get teh needed care regardless of the person’s situation.

Emergencies are inevitable and to cope with them effectively, a person should know what to do. A sitter with a rational plan is a good choice.

  1. Ask for Bonding or Insurance Proof

Choose a person that either has liability insurance or a bond with a pet sitting agency. Liability insurance will benefit both you and the sitter while being bonded with an agency means that in case of damages, you will get your liabilities and damages paid.

  1. Discuss the Fees

Your budget is important when it comes to finding the right pet sitting service. Ask around and do some online research to know about the average cost of the service. The fee depends on the experience and expertise of the person and the services also.

On average, it costs between $15 to $20 for every half an hour.

Finding a good pet sitter is important to make sure that you have left your animal in safe hands. However, do your reserach properly and hire someone trustworthy and reliable for the job. In the end checkout esa letter for housing before applying for an esa letter.


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